Dr. Crystal Tack, N.D., L.Ac.

Director of the Sequim Clinic for 28 years, Dr. Crystal Tack is dually licensed as a Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist. A passionate champion for positive growth and also for broadening the concept of medicine, Dr. Tack actively supports changes on an individual and community level.

Here from where?

I grew up in a tight knit ranch family and I suppose the first indication that I was geared for the healing realms was my propensity to be found in the barnyard in the season of the pollywogs.( Huh? Well, I would first rescue the  little clusters of eggs in miniature ponds left by horses hooves, and later rescue the pollywogs stranded as their little realities started to turn to mud with the warming weather. I spent many little girl hours saving the lives of thousands of pollywogs by delivering them to the nearby pond.

My father was well known by other horse people in our little Rose Valley community in the foothills of Mt St Helens, and was often called upon for doctoring as he was known to have better results than the local vet. Of course I was his assistant and helped soak wounds and made myself watch as he sometimes stitched up wounds, thinking I might need to know that someday.

I learned determination when we had long work days maintaining fences or creating new pastures in the summer. Dad was a choral director at one of the local high schools. He also had a  masters in psychology and I learned from him bringing home troubled youthto help with ranch workparties where they often connected with themselves through being in Nature and learning to connect with it. Our ranch was a ways out from town and my best friends were my horse, my dog and the huge maple tree down by Owl creek in which  I spent many hours contemplating life. I learned to trust Nature and felt at home there. I wandered the trails through our woods on horseback or cut through the thickets on foot. Mom and I collected ferns, moss or wild dogwood branches for the mantle while teaching me the feminine connection to Nature. The creek gifted me wonderful stones and my own giant crystal which nothing like has been found before or since.  I didn’t fully understand until more recently here with my present little 5 acre health retreat/oasis near downtown Sequim that the Earth loves me as I love her .

As we all know, life has a way of tempering our strength, and I have had plenty of opportunities to either break or get stronger. The hardest of all was when our ranch, my deepest connection to the Earth,  was clear- cut and I could do nothing to protect her. Even before the clear cut was happening two vertebrae in my back ruptured for no known reason....my foundation on this Earth was being profoundly wounded. Anyway, I also learned to heal from sorrow, and have come to understand that maintaining our connection to All that is/God through whatever walk we embrace is our deepest purpose. To heal from our wounds rather than protect them, is our responsibility to ourselves, our family, community , planet and God.

At the age of 19, I was on my way to becoming an anthropologist. On an NIH anthropological study in Alaska with the Intuit Eskimo in Nome and Tlingit Native Americans in Sitka/Juneau. Thanks to a federal disaster level winter storm, I was hired by the Red Cross and Salvation Army to evaluate the needs of the villagers and  was flown to many tiny coastal villages. I saw a lot of people in need. The motto of anthropology at the time, was to not get involved and I came to realize that just wasn't me. I completed the grant  disillusioned with the profession knowing I wanted to be involved helping others. On returning to the lower 48, I was asked what I wanted to become and responded with what was to become my life’s mission statement. “I want to help others remember how incredibly beautiful they are, and to help them heal from the pain that keeps them from knowing it.” After a time of apprenticing with healers, I decided that going back to school was instrumental in accomplishing my life's purpose: to unravel the cause of illness. I completed Naturopathic medical school in an era where popular belief was that food had no effect on health and vitamins were almost non existent. During this time, I found the profound interconnectedness with Nature and energy awareness of oriental medicine so I also  also  became an certified acupuncturist.  19 years ago I began  intensive training in  " healing deep beliefs" to fulfill my mission statement made so many years before.  With these three modalities I finally felt complete in my basic tools for healing. I can offer state of the art lab work to help discover underlying deficiencies, toxicities, and dysfunctions, I can use acupuncture to realign body energetics and Belief work to free up those places where we hold on to disease by locking up around pain. And finally, it has been so  rewarding to witness the wonderful results from adding mHBOT to healing options at the Sequim Clinic.

I am most grateful to be part of  such a phenomenal era of awakening in the realms of healing.