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Traditional Naturopathy recognizes an inherent ordered and intelligent self-healing process. Traditional Naturopathic physicians embrace the responsibility to identify and help remove the  patients obstacles while augmenting this inherent self-healing process. We recognize the individual process that created the disease and the individual approach needed to recover. 

"Functional Medicine".



When I started Acupuncture 30 years ago, popular opinion was that the impressive results were psychosomatic. Medicine and social awareness has come a long way. Now the VA and most insurance companies in Washington  recognize its incredible addition to the medical field for pain. Acupuncture has also proven its value with addictions and used in many addiction centers throughout the country for over a decade. Beyond that  Acupuncture  is a  powerful tool for supporting balanced health on many levels. 

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


We all understand how vital oxygen is for life but how about health? Oxygen makes up approximately 63% of our  body's mass, provides 90% of our energy( food the other 10%), and greatly enhances body functions. Dr. William Maxfield, leading authority and pioneer in the field of  hyperbaric medicine calls it "medicines best kept secret." Please let me introduce  to you to our mild hyperbaric chamber.


Healing the Hurt


Traditional Naturopathic philosophy includes the belief that that many illnesses begin with a deep emotional component.

For  eighteen  years Dr. Tack   has had ongoing training , teaches,  and has extensive one on one  experience in helping individuals interested in releasing deeply hidden beliefs that may be hurting their health.  

"I would say that it wasn't any one  modality that facilitated my healing - it was multi-leveled as various healing methods were used.... Dr. Crystal is amazing and I liked that she was flexible  in knowing what  I needed most."  ~Inelia Benz