Belief Work

Old emotional wounds cause fears and misbeliefs that can be stored away in our subconscious;  we have no idea the impact they have on our perceptions and choices in our daily life. We do, however experience the outcome of harboring these emotional wounds through patterns of  continued frustration, disappointment, alienation, etc.

With belief work you may experience veils of confusion, pain, unresolved sorrow, repetitive thinking, phobias and over reactivity simply lift off you. You may, at times, find it surprisingly easy, quick, and painless to access  and resolve those limiting beliefs that interfere with our joy and connectedness. Life is an adventure of self/spiritual discovery and an important piece of that is cleansing from the fears that hold us in bondage.

I have had the honor to teach it for over 15 years and have had the opportunity to witness belief work empower students with a tool to approach issues as they arise. Each time we feel a “reaction” to someone or something, this technique offers a method to explore, understand, and transform it from an alienating, self protecting fear based “reaction” into a more productive problem solving “interactive" response.  An actual body shift may be felt in the moment, a knot lets go, a chronic headache or stiff neck lifts, heartache goes away. It  is not only life changing, its joyful. 


This is not a replacement for counseling and it is recommended to remain in counseling as beleif work  is simply internal housecleaning ie. helping the individual release limiting and deep reaching beliefs that can be lost in the subconscious and are often inaccessible.



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