"I feel so different since I started working with you. I’m a whole new me"

"If I stay connected to D.r T, I find I stay connected to myself…she does more things for me that I can get anywhere else."

"I used to be allergic to the indoors and the outdoors and particularly cats. Now I am so much better I can even  put my face right into the cats fur and be fine."


"I would say that it wasn't any one  modality that facilitated my healing - it was multi-leveled as various healing methods were used.  Dr. Crystal is amazing and I liked that she was flexible to what I needed most." -Inelia Benz

"I was dying – you saved my life. When I walked into this office I made the best choice I've ever made in my life. I limped in & leaped out, pain gone!”  

After Belief work

"A burden has been lifted off me.”

"I was a I'm at warp speed!”(Reiki master/massage therapist)

 “40 years of night terrors are gone in one session!” ( 45 year old man with forgotten traumatic childhood memory)

“NOW I understand why you never feel alone”

" For 45 years I grieved the loss of the child I was forced to  give up for adoption(along with his father) - I was a teen. I never got over the loss of them and have not  married or had another child. After much counseling and attempts at healing I was simply unable open my heart again.  I could barely believe that after one session with Dr. Tack I feel that I can move on with my life and love again. Time has passed  and my good feelings are holding!"

"“I’m loving it –– thanks so much Dr. Crystal!”   -local counselor.

Mild Hyperbaric  Oxygen













Therapy (mHBOT)

‘‘One year after a severe car accident I started  Dr. Tack’s Mild Hyperbaric Treatments and they helped me regain my energy, and mobility. Most important....I got my brain back!” -Dr. Runar Johnson

"My recovery is amazing! I’ve experienced a dramatic increase in my dexterity, muscle strength, clarity of speech, and energy since adding  mHBOT to my post-stroke recovery program.” -Patient with stroke six months previous to  beginning mHBOT

"Getting my hand back is the absolute greatest gift. Dr. Tack's Mild Hyperbaric chamber was part of my intense recovery program and helped me tremendously with the pain, swelling, and repair. My hand doctor is impressed with the speed of my recovery and was surprised to see that I'm nearing  100% full-strength and dexterity  back" -Severe crush injury

"My legs were weak months following open heart  surgery.  After  only one mHBOT  session I  walked normally again, and after three sessions the floaters in my eyes were gone. I feel GREAT!”- 74 year old patient

“The mHBOT gave me my energy back... and an unexpected side effect is my hip pain is gone!” 70 Year old MS patient

“The pain in my hands is  gone!”-RA Patient

“After a strained muscle, I got back in the game a lot faster!”-17 year old football star

"With painful neuromas in both feet, it didn’t look likely that I could pull off my dream of climbing Mt Rainier for my 70th birthday,  but working with Dr Tack doing acupuncture, nutrition, and  mHBOT sessions, I fulfilled my dream, pain free!!!!"


"Everything we  wanted and more.”— L.G

“Unforgettable.”— M.L .

Husband and wife physicians


These are individual experiences and of course  not everyone has this level of success...most of these individuals were also  using positive lifestyle changes and supplements to support their bodies ability to repair/respond to the  positive effects of mHBOT.