Crystal and Gray wolf

Crystal and Gray wolf


Dr. Tack and Gray Wolf have lovingly and organically created a healing space with our organic garden and orchard, horses to pet, and  Nature setting with near town convenience to provide a sanctuary for guests to stay and work intensively on physical and emotional health. Or, you may want to envelop yourself in Native American wisdom and/or survival skills. We have a warm, earth oriented atmosphere, with Olympic Mountains in the distance. Our guest room offers a tempurpedic king sized bed and access to the main house, orchard, garden, and bonfire area.

We gear our organic vibrant meals to your tastes and provide a menu for your preview after determining your palate.

A Recreation Center just around the corner provides you with sauna, steam or Jacuzzi baths, racquetball, Olympic-sized pool, and multiple work-out and class opportunities.

The Olympic Peninsula is a delight to explore. The famous Dungeness Spit is 15 minutes away; we are within easy access to other delightful adventures including the Hoh Rain Forest, Sol Duc Hot Springs, Olympic Mountains, and ferry to Victoria.

In order for your stay to be all it can be let's evaluate your interests and together  format your time with us.. We will determine the nature of your visit and to what degree you would like to tap into our expertise. This website addresses much of what Dr. Crystal offers. Gray Wolf is a skilled Native Craftsmen, Storyteller, Native American historian, and teaches anything from crafts to profound life skills. His rich experiential background includes presently working professionally with At Risk Teens and offering "Gray Wolf intense weeks" at major Dude Ranches as a Living Historian with his 1850's correct Cheyenne tipi home/museum. As one would guess he excels at engaging communication for all ages.

So, now with that brief introduction let me say, we can simply provide you safe space to come nurture in the atmosphere, or offer increasing degrees of engagement  with who we are and what we have to offer up to a full-on personalized retreat extraordinaire. With us you will enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience, where we can offer stand alone state-of-the-art wholistic health options or stand alone Native American skill/wisdom or survival skills, OR, any combination thereof  mixed with ‘good old-fashioned hospitality’.

We offer this in support of helping make the world a healthier/happier/wiser place for us all with the knowing we all benefit from respite and new perspectives from time to time. We offer these classes and stay options it in a sacred way and it is limited to those who can receive it in a sacred way. This is also time sensitive and depends on our availability. 

Retreat Ideas

1) R & R Retreat – A retreat focused on healthy relaxation with a cozy spot to curl up, a good book, and a cup of “Crystal’s Healing Tea”.

2) In Good Health Retreat – This retreat includes degrees of involvement from Crystal’s expertise in Acupuncture,  Naturopathic, Hyperbaric, and/or deep emotional healing to a full range of indicated lab work and intensive research  into your specific  health needs.

3) New Image Retreat – Weight loss retreat.

4) Healing ME retreat – Deep emotional healing work as intensive as is appropriate to support your personal growth from where you are to where you want to be.

5) Native American Wisdom Retreat – A retreat with Gray Wolf to explore Native American philosophies, Earth energy on both an intellectual and physical level, and the option to design your stay incorporating any number of his many skills. (Listed below)

6) Olympic Adventure – Personal guide to what the Olympic Peninsula has to offer, from outdoor activities, such as hiking, canoeing, or a wilderness survival experience, to personal interest tours, such as the local lavender farms, casino, winery, organic and dairy farms, or you may want to  visit the longest spit in the world, the Hoh Rain Forest, or the Makah Museum at nearby Neah Bay.

7) Ecological Wake up – Learn how to become an active participant in learning to minimize your risks in a risky world, as well as how to lower your carbon footprint for the generations to come.

8) Learn Wilderness or Urban Survival Skills with Gray Wolf  . 

 Format ideas for  what you’d like to experience  and together we will discuss  how to  make that  happen.

*Options For time with Gray Wolf

( depending on choices this can be arranged in time blocks  from 3 hour sessions  to a week intensive)

.  Learn to walk in harmony with the Earth

· Make your own moccasins

· Create custom medicine bag

· Sew your own buckskin clothing

· Do  beadwork project with  leather and wool

· Construct a hand drum or rattle

· Learn about the Medicine wheel

· Edible/medicinal plant walks

· Track like a Native American

. Weapons timeline

· Shoot period weapons

· Team survival walk

· Learn how to Prospecting/panning for gold

· Learn survival skills

· Dutch oven/pit cooking

· Cordage from various materials

· Build an Indian Sweat Lodge

· Gray Wolf’s tipi based lessons

· Story telling around the fire

· Throw tomahawks and knifes

· Make and shoot an arrow

These skills and more can be customized into classes for children, adults, families, schools, or groups. GW's heartfelt style is mesmerizing for all ages.


"Inside the Tipi time stops, separation does not exist, and the teachings and sharing are with unlimited generosity."

"He touched our hearts deeply, filling our souls with spirituality and wisdom".

"I just wish everybody could  see Gray Wolf's Tipi. Everybody I told  is so grateful that they got to experience it. They realize it is an experience they’re never going to get again-unless its Gray Wolf's Tipi."


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